Our main concept puts forward AGROBLOK as a prosperous business succesfully established its name in the field of grain trade, the provision of high-quality raw materials, products and services for its customers and partners, and stands for:

  • Proactivity;
  • Sustainable business development;
  • Innovations.

At AGROBLOK we offer a modern and supportive working environment for our highly qualified staff, creating the conditions for sustainable growth and innovative agriculture. We are a reliable partner looking for the best quality of service in the agribusiness market.


We believe in modern eco-agriculture as the key to sustainable growth with care for the environment and people's health.

We rely on bold ideas of the entrepreneurial spirit backed by high professionalism.

We keep abreast of new developments in science and technology and apply them to exceed the expectations of our partners and customers.

We are constantly improving, upgrading our infrastructure, expanding the scope of our activities and services, attracting highly qualified personnel, thus striving to achieve a competitive advantage - this is our vision of maximized added value through the best solutions in agriculture.

At AGROBLOK, we have "embraced" the idea of workflow digitalization, investing significantly to integrate technology, increase productivity, ensure accuracy in planning and forecasting, including traceability and overall efficiency.



At AGROBLOK, we believe in:

  • Dialogue - we understand the needs of our customers and partners and strive to fully satisfy them;
  • Predictability - We provide sustainable and advanced solutions, striving for long-term and loyal partnerships;
  • Reciprocity - We act in a non-judgmental, respectful and consistent manner with long-term and potential partners.

We support our partners with knowledge, skills and technology solutions to modernize and develop the sector sustainably with the future in mind.

Mutual respect is embedded in our culture when it comes to interacting between AGROBLOK's internal teams and externally,  with our partners' and customers' teams. We value the professionalism and dedication of our staff.