TRANS GRAIN LTD expands the scope of services by obtaining a license for construction in 2020. The company is registered in the central professional builder’s register for the execution of the following groups and categories of construction works:

             Group I: for construction works 1st to 5th category;

            Group II: for construction works 1st to 4th category.

 Specialises in the construction of buildings and structures for agricultural purposes and the storage of agricultural production. It also offers other types of repair and construction works as per client's request.

 The company employs personnel with various expertise and experience in construction and renovation works including highly qualified builders, and strives to upgrade skills constantly.

 For the needs of the construction services, adequate equipment and mechanization is provided to carry out the construction and assembly works, including: dump track, gondola-type semi-trailer for aggregate removal, bobcat, roller, front loader, combined excavator, etc.