The storage activities of the production owned by AGROBLOCK, are carried out by BROT MEL Ltd. The affiliated company operates in a modern production facility near the town of Lyaskovets to cover North Central Bulgaria.

The infrastructure is constantly being modernised and upgraded to provide excellent facilities for storage, handling and processing of grain and oilseeds, as well as for storage and handling of fertilisers, crop protection products and seeds.

Our intention to upgrade the infrastructure and develop it even more,  as to meet the growing needs of the Group, has been fueled by investments made on building-up another site, located near the town of Razgrad.


The warehouse in Lyaskovets is modernly equipped and complies with all standards for storage of grain, mineral fertilizers, PPP’s and seeds.

The grain storage capacity is 6 silos with a total capacity of up to 30,000 tonnes of grain. It has flat warehouses for the storage of grain, mineral fertilizers, plant protection products and seeds, with a total capacity of 20,000 tonnes.

The grain stores are equipped with active ventilation and thermal control, and the condition of the stored goods is monitored on a dayly basis. The grain storage facility has the ability to dry and clean the grain, as well as automatic probes for precise sampling directly from the vehicles, through electronic scales up to 65 t.


Part of the site complex in Lyaskotes is occupied by a modern laboratory for the analysis of grain and oilseeds. It is equipped with modern high-end equipment, with the ability to analyse all crops according to FOSFA and GAFTA requirements. Highly qualified staff regularly verify and calibrate the available equipment with first class GAFTA and FOSFA accredited laboratories.


The storage site is located in central Bulgaria - the town of Lyaskovets, Veliko Tarnovo region - 225 km from the port of Varna East. Base location here



Part of AGROBLOK's bold plan for infrastructure diversification, is the construction of a second multipurpose site, which is well underway. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2023, when it should be fully operational.

 Razgrad storage site is located in the Northeast part of Bulgaria near the town of Razgrad, 130 km away from port Varna. Base location here