At the very heart of agriculture is the drive to feed the world.

Ben Potter


AGROBLOK is a rapidly growing business group of interconnected companies:

 The companies, part of the AGROBLOK family operate in a way that supports the core business and completes the full-service cycle. AGROBLOK LTD is at the heart of the organization and the central building block of the group.

 The services and part of the specific activities are both performed in-house and offered to third parties upon request.

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Our main concept puts forward AGROBLOK as a prosperous business succesfully established its name in the field of grain trade, the provision of high-quality raw materials, products and services for its customers and partners, and stands for:

  • Proactivity;
  • Sustainable business development;
  • Innovations.

At AGROBLOK we offer a modern and supportive working environment for our highly qualified staff, creating the conditions for sustainable growth and innovative agriculture. We are a reliable partner looking for the best quality of service in the agribusiness market.

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